For 2 Days and 39 miles,  the Bolting Quilt Divas will Walk, Run, Bolt, and Quilt as one!  And, you have the opportunity to to help us dramatically impact the lives of millions affected by breast cancer worldwide. With your donations, contributions, and sponsorships for the Avon Walk, right now you will help medically under-insured women and men to receive the screening, support, and treatment they require. And, as leading-edge research teams will be provided with the funds they need, you will help to aide in the ultimate quest for the cure! 

We have a very aggressive goal to collect donations in just a few short weeks - but we are not alone, and your help is fundamental to meeting this goal!  The Bolting Quilt Diva's are committed and determined to walk for you - the wonderful people who make up the Quilting Community!  We have some fun ideas that may entice you to become a part of this undertaking:

~ The Bikini Beach Exclusive Quilt Kit
~ Bolting Quilt Diva Hope Quilt Raffle
~ Donation 'Thank you' Gifts

The Bikini Beach Exclusive Quilt Kit

Designed specifically for the
Avon Breast Cancer Walk,
this "Bikini Beach" Quilt Kit by
Liz Miller is available
Exclusively at Homespun Hearth!

For Every Bikini Beach Quilt Kit purchased,
Homespun Hearth will donate
$ 20.00 toward the Avon Walk - in your name!
Click Here for Details

Donation Thank You Gifts

Hope Signature Quilt Raffle

To show our gratitude and appreciation for
your Donation, The Bolting Quilt Diva's,
have selected thank you gifts for your donation:

Donate $10  - receive 1 Raffle Ticket
Donate $25 - receive 3 Raffle Tickets
Donate $50 - receive 8 Raffle Tickets
Donate $100 - receive 20 Raffle Tickets

With your $250 Donation
, you will receive:
20 Raffle Tickets*
$20 Homespun Hearth Shopping Spree
4 (1/2) yard cuts Breast Cancer Fabric
Better Homes & Garden Quilt Pink for Hope Book

With your $500 Donation
, you will receive:
20 Raffle Tickets*
$50 Homespun Hearth Shopping Spree
Better Homes & Garden Quilt Pink for Hope Book
Bikini Beach Quilt Kit

CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW! Choose any team member to place your donation

Better Homes & Gardens
Quilt Pink for Hope Book

If you would prefer to receive only Raffle Tickets
Please let Teresa know via email
Over and above $100:

$200 - 50 Raffle Tickets
$500 - 150 Raffle Tickets
Each $500 Increment is 150 Raffle Tickets >

Hope Signature Quilt
This quilt went to Quilt Market with Us!
We received so many signatures from so
many of your favorites!

Bolting Quilt Diva's Raffle

Raffle 'Thank you tickets' are allocated to those
who place a donation to any
Avon Walk Bolting Quilt Diva's

*we MUST receive a copy of your
emailed receipt from Avon Walk to
allocate your tickets.

Bolting Quilt Divas Raffle Dates:

May 31 - Pink & White FQ Bundle - Winner - Sharon White!
June 7 - $50 Homespun Hearth Gift Certificate - Winner - Joyce Sullivan!
June 14 - HSH Sweet Roll of your choice - Winner - Darla King!
June 21 - Bikini Beach Quilt Kit

July 12, 2009
Grand Prize Drawing -
Bolting Quilt Divas Hope Quilt

PLEASE NOTE:  Each ticket drawn for these preliminary raffle
drawings will be re-entered into the Grand Prize Raffle Drawing
to be held on July 12, 2009

Large Contributions and Sponsorships are also available for donations $500 - $5,000+
For details, please contact Teresa directly at