Indigo Lattice-Anastasia by Jane Spolar Review
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    Indigo Lattice-Anastasia by Jane Spolar

    ProductID: ZF-AN3837-49

    By: Jane Spolar

    $11.79 per yard
    Manufacturer: Northcott
    Collection: Anastasia
    100% cotton in a vivid palette of blues, greens, pinks and purples. Jane draws on folk art themes from across the globe and is especially drawn to India for inspiration. Anastasia is a vivid collection that wisely uses deep indigo as an anchoring element to her bright and bold designs.
    Theme: Exotic
    Colors: Blue
    Genre: Folk Art
    Item Tags: Anastasia, Northcott, Jane Spolar, Quilt Fabric, India Fabric, Folk Art Fabric, Bollywood Fabric

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