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    END OF BOLT- 4.5 Yard Piece - Princess Mirah Batiks - Mandarin Red Batik

    ProductID: ZFX-PMln11-7003-END

    By: Princess Mirah

    $40.55 End of Bolt
    Manufacturer: Princess Mirah Batiks
    Since they entered into the US quilting fabric market in 1981, Bali Fabrics has offered one of the very highest quality hand made Indonesian batik fabrics. All fabric designs are created by owner and internationally known designer, Princess Mirah of Bali.
    Fabric Type: Batik Quilting Fabric
    Item Tags: Quilting Fabric, Quilt Fabric, Quilting, Fabric, Princess Mirah Batiks, Caribbean Spice Collection, Bittersweet Quilting Fabric, Buy Fabrics by Princess Mirah Batiks