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    1.5 lb Woolfelt Explosion Bundle & Bonus

    ProductID: ZFx-1000-WoolFelt
    $17.99 per bundle
    1.5 lb Bag

    If you're like most woolfelt appliquers, you love to save every last scrap ...and we are no different! We have been making Woolfelt Explosion Bundles for years, and they are ready for you ... each weighs at least 1 pound, and have tons of various woolfelt and cuts inside.  These are a minimum 1" strips or squares up to a 9" strip.. and everything in between!
    The general rule of thumb is that a yard of woolfelt weighs 8oz, so these bundles have more than 2 yards of woolfelt blend fabric!  

    Plus, what to do with each bundle? Well, each bundle includes the Bonus "Left-Over's Anyone" Pattern. Add your scraps to this quilt ... and before you know it, you'll have a gorgeous quilt from your favorite fabrics and those you've gathered, too! This is more like a Charm Quilt taken to the next level, and can be made any size.
    Please note - no returns on Wool Fabric Explosion Bundles

    Theme: Quilts
    Fabric Type: 100% Cotton Quilting Fabric
    Item Tags: Quilting Fabric, Quilting, Fabric, Free Gift

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