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    Sweet Spring Wool Applique by 1894 Cottonwood House

    ProductID: ZP-1894CH-274

    By: Sandra NcKee

    $8.10 $9.00 Per Pattern
    Manufacturer: 1894 Cottonwood House

    Sixth in our Olde Bread Board Series of Wool Appliqué! This pattern features two original, whimsical designs!

    You can change your wool appliqué with the seasons!

    This is part of the Olde Bread Board pattern series that will be coming throughout the next year for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter/Spring, Summer and Autumn! Each pattern contains TWO designs, one for each size Olde Bread Board.

    Bread Boards Sold Separately.
    Click Here to See our Bread Board Selection

    Finished Appliqué Size -
    Chicks 11" X 12"
    Hare 6" X 11"

    Theme: Easter
    Genre: Everyday, Crows
    Item Tags: Patterns, 1894 Cottonwood House, Sandra McKee, Wool Applique Patterns

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