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    17 x 44" Remnant- Quilt Diva - Sew Happy - Turquoise

    ProductID: zZFX-QD13041-14
    $5.60 $7.00 Per Remnant
    Manufacturer: Moda
    17 x 44" Remnant- Quilt Diva is dedicated to those obsessive, die hard quilters she likes to call "Quilt Divas". Maybe you know one; maybe you are one but either way you know what it means: - Your fabric budget is larger than you grocery budget. - You may have flaws in your underwear but you certainly won’t accept flaws in your fabric. - You have made 2 quilts for every member of your family and 6 for your first grandchild - You no longer have a sewing room in your house, you have a sewing wing! With colors and drawings as fun as her wit this group will speak to all the "Divas". 42/43" 100% Cotton
    Theme: Print
    Colors: Turquoise
    Item Tags: 3 Sisters, Angels, Fabric, Quilt Fabric, Quilt Diva Sew Happy Turquoise