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    Swarovski 2078 XIRIUS Rose Hotfix
    JONQUIL SS16 #213

    ProductID: ZC-Swarovski-2078-SS16-213
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    Manufacturer: Swarovski
    Collection: Swarovski Crystals

    Embellish your quilts with the striking beauty and brilliance of Swarovski Hotfix Crystals. The Swarovski XIRIUS 2078 Rose collection has exceptional sparkle .. you'll think you are working with diamonds!

    We suggest the ss16 (4 millimeter) size crystals for the embellishments on your quilts. A typical lap-size quilt can take anywhere from 300-3000 crystals. We recommend setting the crystals on like color fabric. For example, if you have a red rose you'd like to embellish, then you may want to select a red colored crystals for that part of your quilt.

    We do have many Swarovski Crystal Options, and you can see the entire collection here.

    We offer our Hotfix Crystals in packs of 1/2 Gross (72 Crystals), 1 Gross (144 Crystals), 5x Gross (720 Crystals), or 10x Gross (1440 Crystals).

    Hotfix crystals are set with heat - the foil backs of each crystal literally fuses into the fibers of the fabrics, making them a lasting part of the overall quilt or fabrics. We recommend the Kandi Corp Professional Touch Crystal Applicator, which you can purchase here.

    Flat Backs Hotfix Crystals feature special foiling and the highest quality glue, which is highly resistant, and makes application very easy. The Flat Back has unsurpassed brilliance and reflectivity. Lead Free - Please note, Crystals may take 1-2 weeks to ship.

    Item Tags: Beautiful Quilt Embellishments

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