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    Celebrations Teensy Wool Applique
    Block of the Month
    or All at Once Quilt Kit
    Start Anytime!

    ProductID: ZM-CW1894-Cele
    $4.99 Reservation Deposit
    Manufacturer: 1894 Cottonwood House
    Celebrate each month of the year with this teeny tiny wool applique block of the month! Plus, you have your option to make this with a Wool background or a Matka Silk Background.

    The finished wool quilt measures a teensy 16" x 24", and the program is scheduled to begin in January. The kit includes all of the wool, the pattern, and the templates needed to complete the kit. We also include the binding fabric.

    Block of the Month
    Each month you the background, applique pieces, and full-size template needed to complete each month. On the final month, you will also receive the binding along with your block.

    All at Once
    The All at Once is available, each month separated into individual packs. The cost is $167.88 plus the initial reservation deposit. You will see the balance of the charge processed after the initial reservation. Coordinating Backing We also have coordinating backing available in either the Wool . The price of the backing is 29.99.

    Silk Thread and Perle Cotton We recommend silk thread for your wool applique projects, and we have that, as well as Valdani perle cotton, available for this project. If you like, you can either select a 12 pack Valdani Thread Pack or the 12 pack Kimono Silk Thread Pack - both are $71.88. If you would like to order the complete Kimono 80 spool silk pack, the total is $429.99, a savings of $50 over the regular $479.99 price.
    Item Tags: Wool applique block of the month

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