Fiesta Mexico! Reservation Fee
100% Wool on Silk Matka Block of the Month
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16 reviewers gave Fiesta Mexico! Reservation Fee
100% Wool on Silk Matka Block of the Month
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100% Wool on Silk Matka Block of the Month
Starts Anytime! reviews

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    Fiesta Mexico! Reservation Fee
    100% Wool on Silk Matka Block of the Month
    Starts Anytime!

    ProductID: ZM-KKB-100-Wool
    $39.99 Reservation Deposit
    Manufacturer: Karen K Buckley

    Breathtaking. Legendary. Glorious.
    Now Available:
    100% Hand Dyed Wool on Silk Matka.

    Just a few words to describe this award winning design and quilt by Karen K Buckley.  Now available with the highest quality & softest 100% Hand Dyed Wool on hand-woven Silk Matka.  This will be a treasured heirloom that will be passed down for countless generations!

    Watch this beautiful slideshow of the Fiesta Mexico Quilt

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    The quilt measures 76" x 97 1/2", and the kit includes more than 25 vibrant colored hand-dyed wools and Silk Matka fabrics that will mimic the same colors as the original.   This quilt can be blanket stitched by hand or machine applique method.    The pattern packet for Fiesta Mexico contains a beautiful 20 page color booklet with detailed directions and large color photos of each block. Also included are five large fold-out pages with the full sized patterns clearly printed to make them very easy to use. This is a very bright and happy quilt.

    This is a 13 month program - Join anytime!  You will receive the 100% hand dyed wool and Silk Matka  fabrics, full size templates and instructions necessary to complete each  month's block or section. The cost of this quilt is $107.69 plus shipping per month for 13 months, plus the original $39.99 non-refundable reservation fee. Optional Silk Matka backing fabric is also available.  We realize this is a very expensive quilt - but please note it has only the highest quality Silks and the Woolens.   To help ease the cost and time constraints, you can also elect to have one block sent to you every-other-month.  This will stretch out to just over a 2-year timeframe to complete the quilt.  Also, this is not for the novice wool appliquer or quilter.   

    There is also an All at Once Version.  The wools and sillks will not be split into individual month packets, but will include the Silk Matka, Wool, Pattern, & Templates to complete the quilt.  The cost of the All at Once is $1283 one week before we ship, US Shipping is free. Takes approx. 3 weeks to ship.

    Additional Fiesta Mexico Wool & Matka Silk Add-Ons.

    Optional Silk Matka Backing - this is a textured Silk Matka  - $255.00

    This kit can be appliqued by hand or machine blanket stitched.  We are also now offering a 12 pack of 220 yard Kimono Silk Thread packs. Regularly priced at $72, if you reserve the thread pack with your reservation, the thread pack will be $66.
    Please note - our Reservation Desposit is part of the overall cost of the kit that helps to pay for the initial larger shipments that occur in the first month. Thank you for your understanding.

    Notes about our BOM Programs
    •Should you be participating in more than one BOM with us, we will combine your orders to save you on shipping costs!
    •Also, please note - while we do accept Paypal for the Reservation Deposit, we will need a credit card on file for the duration of the program.
    •For optional items that you reserve, these will be charged and ship on the first month.
    •Finally, should you make a mistake on your block, and if we have the fabrics in stock, we will replace the fabric at no extra cost to you!

    Theme: Quilt
    Genre: Everyday
    Item Tags: Birthday Club Signup, Quilt Birthday Club, Club, Clubs, Free Pattern, Free Gift, Free Quilt Patterns

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