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    My Enchanted Garden Silk Matka and Wool Applique BOM or All at Once

    ProductID: ZM-MEG-Wool

    By: Gretchen Gibbons

    $31.99 Reservation Deposit
    Collection: Silk Matka & Wool
    Every now and then a breathtaking quilt comes along that we all know will be treasured by quilters for many generations to come. My Enchanted Garden, by Gretchen Gibbons, was inspired by an 1800s quilt named "Birds of Paradise" - and her original quilt was made combining wool and cotton. A blue-ribbon winner for Best Use of Embellishment in the 2009 Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, we decided it's time for this quilt to make a come-back!

    We have taken the quilt design to the next level, and our version uses silk Matka for the background, borders, and sashings as well as some block applique, and 100% hand dyed wool and batiks for the blocks. We love the large applique blocks, finished at 12" x 16", and the overall Silk Matka and Wool quilt finishes at approx. 56" x 68".

    Block of the Month
    This is a 10 month program, and cost of the program is $78.99 per month plus shipping plus the non-refundable reservation deposit. The kits include all of the Silk Matka and 100% Hand-Dyed woolens and hand made batiks required to complete the quilt, plus binding.

    Enchanted Garden Book - Required
    The My Enchanted Garden Book is required to complete the quilt, and is available for order here as well. The book includes not only the detailed instructions, templates and layouts for this quilt, but also several other stand-alone projects as well. We also offer coordinating backing - it is a textured Silk Matka and will ship with your first block.

    All at Once - Free Shipping We also offer this quilt in an All at Once version, scheduled to ship in October. The cost of the All at Once version is $789.90 one week before we ship, plus the initial reservation deposit. US Shipping is free, and International customers receive a 20% shipping discount.

    Kimono Silk Thread
    Finally, we recommend Kimono silk thread for this project. We offer the 80 pack complete set - normally $479.99, but if you reserve it with this kit, you will receive the entire pack for just $429.99.

    Genre: Everyday
    Item Tags: Silk Matka and Wool Applique Quilt, Award Winning Quilt, Heirloom Quilts

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