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    New! Serengeti Block of the Month
    Perfect for Beginners & Busy Quiters
    Start Anytime!

    ProductID: ZM-Serengeti

    By: Fabric Shop Network

    $7.99 Reservation Deposit
    Manufacturer: Fabric Shop Network
    So, we'd be willing to bet that you might be beyond the basic quilt building skills, right? But, do you know somebody who would like to learn how to quilt? Perhaps a friend, daughter, niece, granddaughter, or even a son-in-law (after all, there's even a big Marine quilter -- and he does amazing work!). Or, maybe you just want to do have some easy primary blocks to sharpen and practice your skills?

    Either way, we are always keeping our ears to the ground and our eyes on the horizon for a good quilt to introduce the next generation to quilting, or that is easy-peasy for a very busy life... and we have found one that is extra fun!

    About the Program
    Join us for a 12 month Mystery -- each month you will automatically receive the instructions and fabric for that month's block. These have clear instructions and diagrams, so they are perfect for the beginning quilter. As each month progresses, you will find that you will build on the previous month's blocks, until you have mastered some of the most important skills in quilting!

    Then, at the end of the 12 months, you will receive the instructions and fabric to put all of the blocks together to make a beautiful 88" x 88" quilt, and we also include the binding fabric. The quilt layout is not your typical (and sometimes boring), 3 x 4 block layout. Instead, this quilt is partially on point, and partially not. Sound like a mystery? Well, it is, and it's not one you want to miss.

    Already a great quilter? Well, this is may also be for you - especially if you want the thrill of a mystery, and the ease of polishing your skills.

    Toscana Fabric
    We use the Toscana 'suede' look fabric for the quilt. Using Northcott's Toscana fabric, each of the colors are mottled and have a suede look. This is how the original quilt was made, and it is a lovely option. There is a lot of depth to the quilt, and the contrasts are wonderful.

    Color Options
    Another option you will have is the color you would prefer as your emphasis. This choice will be seen mostly around the various borders.. The options are:
    Purples & Blues
    Reds & Burgundy

    Block of the Month Details
    This is a 12 month Block of the Month. Each month you will be automatically charged and shipped that month's block and necessary instructions. See below for more information on our Block of the Month programs (BOMS). The cost of the monthly program for either of the fabric options is $19.99 per month plus the monthly shipping cost and the initial non-refundable deposit.

    All at Once Details
    We also offer this as an All at Once. With this option, you will pay the reservation deposit now. Then, approx. 1 week before we are ready to ship in July, we will automatically process a payment for $239.88. US Shipping costs are free with the All at Once kits, and our International Customers receive a 20% shipping discount. You will receive the entire kit at one time, and these will also be separated into monthly packs for your convenience.

    Optional Backing
    We also offer coordinating backing. The cost of this is $54.95, and this will ship to you with the 1st month's blocks.

    Fun Facts about our BOM Programs
    •Should you be participating in more than one BOM with us, we will combine your monthly orders/auto-ships to save you on shipping costs!
    •Also, please note - while we do accept Paypal for the Reservation Deposit, we will need a credit card on file for the duration of the program.
    •Shipping - we will ship insured, and if the blocks weight allow, it will be 1st class insured, otherwise Priority flat rate.
    •Reservation fees are part of the overall cost of the program and are non-refundable.
    •For optional items that you reserve, these will be charged and ship with your first month's block.
    •Finally, should you make a mistake on your block, and if we have the fabrics in stock, we will replace the fabric at no extra cost to you!

    Genre: Brights
    Item Tags: Mystery Quilt Kits for Beginners

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