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    Quite a Stitch - A Year of Mrs. Bobbins: A 2010 Quilter's Calendar

    ProductID: ZBC-KCS2111
    $0.65 $12.95 per Calendar
    Manufacturer: Mrs. Bobbins
    This is a 2011 Calendar -- but Oh So Fun Pictures! As the very first Mrs. Bobbins cartoon stated on June 25, 2008, Mrs. Bobbins lives, breathes, and eats quilting... and she has a lot to say about it! Since then, she has been charming the readers of PickleDish.com each week. Whether she's testing new ways to use her rotary cutter or squabbling with her quilt-challenged husband, all quilters can relate to her antics.

    Mrs. Bobbins was born of Kansas City Star Quilts' desire to provide quilty humor to its readers. A local Kansas City artist, Julia Icenogle, seemed a perfect match with her witty drawings and quirky humor. Star Quilts brought Julia in, told her a little bit about the company, and sent her home with a stack of quilting magazines. Welcome to quilting, they said! And less than 48 hours later, Mrs. Bobbins had come to life.

    Julia has had to immerse herself into the world of quilting, but it hasn't been too tough for her - she is an avid fabric collector who finds quilting "fascinating." She also converses with a quilter aunt of hers who sometimes sends her ideas. That, according to Julia, "is always helpful, because she's a real-live quilter with real-live-quilter issues."

    Quite a Stitch - A Year of Mrs. Bobbins: A 2010 Quilter's Calendar offers a Mrs. Bobbins cartoon for each month of the year. The cartoons of her wacky projects - a quilted swimsuit, Halloween costume, and Valentine's quilt - will keep you laughing all year long.

    Hang this calendar so it's visible when you sew - it will feel like your own crazy quilter friends are right there with you!
    Theme: Quilts
    Genre: Everyday
    Fabric Type: 100% Cotton Quilting Fabric
    Item Tags: Calendars, Bargain Basket, Mrs Bobbins, Quilts, Free Gift