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Koala Versa Ruler Review
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    Last One!
    Koala Versa Ruler

    ProductID: ZN-KTVR-KT-01
    $49.95 Each
    Manufacturer: Koala Tools
    The Versa Ruler™ is the first scalable system of rulers which allows for the fluid creation of unlimited, multi-sided shapes! Simply snap into place the desired side/angle configuration and start sliding into a new dimension of shape-building. Rulers pivot and slide on a track, and can be connected end-to-end for extended lengths and proportions. Instantly convert to metric scale and/or left-handed orientation by flipping Versa Ruler set onto the opposite side.

    With a new set of revolutionary features, the Versa Ruler™ is not only a handy and versatile tool for any studio or workshop, but also a powerful visual learning tool for students of all ages. The possibilities are limited only by the creative imagination.

    Watch this video to see how versatile and flexible this invaluable design tool can be

    ON THE CUTTING TABLE Creating beautiful quilts is, for the most part, an exercise in constructing and deconstructing geometric patterns in fabric. Use the Versa Ruler™ to not only help in the initial design of the piece, but to subsequently measure and cut blocks from within the larger pattern
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