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    12.5 x 12.5 Inch Square Quilting Ruler

    ProductID: ZN-MD125
    $18.99 per ruler
    Manufacturer: LaMonda
    This is a perfect tool for many quilting projects. Perfect for cutting over-sized squares, checking finished sizes, checking seam alignment, and cutting large 45' triangles. Can also be used as a portable light table!This is the perfect for squaring up your 12" blocks, and is one of my favorite tools. It also works for smaller blocks and over-sized triangles, too. The Ruler is 12 1/2" square -- the blue lines make it easy to see on nearly every fabric
    Item Tags: Rulers, Notions, Moda United Notions, Quilt Rulers, 125 x 125 Inch Quilting Ruler, Quilt ruler, Quilters ruler, Quilting ruler