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    End of Bolt - 64" _ Green Pattern Print - Lady Edith - Downton Abbey Collection by Andover Fabrics

    ProductID: zZFx-DA7329-B-64

    By: Kathy Hall

    $25.60 End of Bolt
    Manufacturer: Andover Fabrics
    End of Bolt - 64" - Join the millions of folks around the world who are hooked on the Downton Abbey Masterpiece Theater saga ... through the textiles and textures of the early 19th century. This award-winning show is the inspiration behind Downton's premier fabric collection. 100% Cotton - 43/44"
    Fabric Type: 100% Cotton Quilting Fabric
    Item Tags: Downton Abbey Fabric, Quilt Fabric, Masterpiece Theater Fabric, Lady Edith

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