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    Madge's Bodacious Day Quilt Pattern - Downloadable Pattern

    ProductID: ZP-Qdquilt
    $22.49 $24.99 Per pattern

    Join ‘Madge’ as she spends her Bodacious Day doing what she loves best - Quilting! 

    From Madge’s local  Scrap Mountain Quilt Shop© where she purchases her mounds of fabric, to her lovely home with the Patchwork Garden, Pinwheel Farm and Field of Hearts, and the warm sunny day with the flying geese homeward bound, Madge quilts up a storm, cutting like a wild woman, ironing like there's no tomorrow, and pulling all-nighters -- and, she even has time to spend quilting and catching-up with a friend!

    Plus, her dog “Threads” and her cat “Needles” are always at her side. And, when she is done, she is ready to go to her guild meeting for a show-and tell! What a Bodacious Day! 

      Also, some 'whimsical' quilting hints are provided, such as meandering 'Z's whil she sleeps, dollar signs at the Quilt Shop, and some flames in the ironing block, plus many more.

    A Seven Brides Design, this pattern was originally designed for the Quilt Diva Panel. We no longer have these panels available, but if you have your own design, they will fit in perfectly! 

    Plus, while she‘s at it, Madge spends some time dreaming up her special sewing companions as well – a Diva Tote, Apron, and Sewing Machine Table Protector – all exclusively available at Homespun Hearth.Quilt Diva Sewing Companions Kit  Click Here


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