Homespun Hearth's Exclusive
Quilter's Tropical Adventure
We are so excited to bring you a new
Quilter's Tropical Adventure for 2014!

We have teamed up with some of your favorite Batik Masters, to include  Princess Mirah, Anthology,   Island Batik, Hoffman Batiks, Moda Batiks and more.

Every month we ship out adventures to meet all types of batik adventure seekers!  From the budget conscious adventurer, to those who get giggly when they receive a package in the mail, all the way to those who go forth and conquer a Batik quilt every month!

If you love Batiks, Adventures, Quilts, Totes, or Just Plain Fun   ....  then join today ....

Your Adventure Awaits You!

Monthly Programs
Batik Stash Builders Adventures  

Receive 15 gorgeous Batiks
automatically every month!
~~ you choose your favorite fabric cut below ~~

Bi-Monthly Programs
Quilts & Tote Mystery Adventures

Choose from two programs
...or choose both!

Batik 6" Sweet Roll Safari
6" x 43" 
~ perfect to cut 
charms & strips!
$26.25 per month!
 click here

Batik Pendant Pack Party

10" x 10"
~ equivalent to 60
charm squares!
$17.49 per month
click here
Batik 12" Pastry Roll Posse
 12" x 43"
~ perfect for
strips & charms

$52.50 per month
click here

Batik Fat Quarter Frolic

18" x 21"
~ the size all quilters love!
$41.25 per month
click here
Batik Quilt Lovers
Mystery Adventure

Every-other month receive a new
 'Excursion' - a Batik Quilt Kit &
Coordinating Batik Tote Kit!
click here for details

  Batik Strippers Club
For Lovers of those Gorgeous
Batik Strip Rolls!

Every-other month receive a Batik
Strip Roll, 2 yards of coordinating fabric,
& a complimentary pattern just
for Strippers
click here for details

Batik Half Yard Hullaballoo
 18" x 43"
~ oh the joys of batiks!)
$78.75 per month
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