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    Owl Mug Rug - Wool Applique with Optional Glue Stick

    ProductID: ZK-Mug-Rug-Owl
    $17.45 per kit
    Manufacturer: In the Patch
    The finished Mug Rug measures approx 5" x 7", made with 100% hand dyed and felted woolens, and there is also an option special glue-stick. Floss not included. The owl also includes 2 buttons for her eyes.

    Mug Rug instructions are printed on a 5"x7" postcard that you can mail to a friend once you finish your project!

    These can lay flat as a traditional Mug Rug, or you can hang them on a mini stand (stands are sold separately here).
    Item Tags: Wool Applique Kits, Quick Applique Project