Exclusive! Fireworks Block of the Month or All at Once 5***** Star
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Exclusive! Fireworks Block of the Month or All at Once 5***** Star
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    Exclusive! Fireworks Block of the Month or All at Once 5***** Star
    Start Anytime!

    ProductID: ZM-BC-Fireworks
    $21.99 Reservation Deposit
    Manufacturer: BeColorful

    Paper Pieced Pattern - Foundation papers included. Level of difficulty - 5*** (out of 7!)
    The completed quilt measures 77" x 77" - perfect for a full bed, or to top a Queen sized bed!

    You've seen it before. You've loved it always. You've dreamt about it... in bright technicolor. Well, dream no longer! Now you can make the Dream Flight quilt in the Jacqueline deJong's Rainbow color palatte!

    This design Jacqueline De Jonge of BeColorful from the Netherlands really pops .. I mean, I think you can actually hear the fireworks in the night sky! The bright BeColorful Batiks by Anthology literally pop off the black and dark gray screen printed batik backgrounds.

    How Is It So Perfect?
    But, how can I, a somewhat novice quilter, tackle anything like this, you may ask? Well, it's with paper foundation piecing - the technique that ensures you get perfect points every time. Just follow the sequence as laid out on the paper pattern, sew the seam right on the paper, remove the paper, and voila - perfect points. When you complete the quilt, your friends and family will believe you to be a master quilter!

    But, full disclosure - this is not for a beginner quilter. We sell many kits that are much more manageable for the newer quilter -- think 3 stars rather than 5 or more.

    What You Get
    We offer this kit in 2 variations - either as a Block of the Month, or you can elect to get the entire kit All at Once Time (starting in February 2023). With either version, you will receive all of the Anthology batiks required to complete the quilt top, including binding, detailed instructions, and all of the foundation paper required to complete the quilt as shown.

    Plus, as an added bonus, you will receive our exclusive Homespun Hearth Fireworks supplement for each section that details the size cuts you will need of each fabric, and where each color fabric will be sewn, for each of the circles and stars so that you can also re-create this stunning quilt. Plus, as and added bonus, Jacqueline has made a wonderful series of Dream Flight tutorials that you can access on her website that will help you with the smaller details of this quilt.

    Block of the Month
    This is a 9 month program scheduled to begin in February 2023. The cost of the program is $77.76 per month plus shipping costs and the initial reservation deposit.  

    All at Once
    You can receive all of the fabrics for this quilt at one time once they are ready in February. The cost of the All at Once is $699.84. We have set up a 3-payment Layaway Plan -- you will pay 1/3 now, 1/3 in November, and the final 1.3 when it ships. Just add the All at Once version into your cart, and select the Layaway option in the shopping cart when you check out -  we will schedule the follow-on payments for November and February. The All at Once version also includes Free US Shipping, and our International friends receive a 20% shipping discount.

    Coordinating Backing fabric is also available. The cost for the backing is $67.99, and is shipped with the first month's block.

    Crystal Set
    We are offering a set of 200 each of 20 colors - for a total of 4000 Crystals for just $360 -- that's just .09¢ each! You can select to purchase them All at Once (which for now will be on the Layaway plan), or if you have a BOM, the cost will be pro-rated and you will be charged $40 per month for each of the 9 months.

    Fun Facts about our BOM Programs
    •Should you be participating in more than one BOM with us, we will combine your orders to save you on shipping costs!
    •Also, please note - while we do accept Paypal for the Reservation Deposit, we will need a credit card on file for the duration of the program.
    •Shipping - we will ship insured, and if the blocks weight allow, it will be 1st class insured, otherwise Priority flat rate.
    •Reservation fees are part of the overall cost of the program and are non-refundable.
    •For optional items that you reserve, these will be charged and ship on the first month.
    •Finally, should you make a mistake on your block, and if we have the fabrics in stock, we will replace the fabric at no extra cost to you!

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