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Only 2 Remain! Pennies from Heaven Quilt - Now in Silk & Wool! Review
Only 2 Remain! Pennies from Heaven Quilt - Now in Silk & Wool! has not been rated yet.
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    Only 2 Remain! Pennies from Heaven Quilt - Now in Silk & Wool!

    ProductID: ZM-GG-Pennies

    By: Gretchen Gibbons

    $54.00 Reservation Deposit
    Combine silk and wool in a fresh new look! With beautiful hand-dyed wool colors and a sophisticated Silk Matka touch, this collection features the stunning "Pennies from Heaven" applique design that quilters fell in love with at quilt shows across the country!

    We have combined hand woven silk matkas in black, old gold, and sand colors for a beautiful backdrop. The more than 40 colored woolens compliment each other, and 'melt' into the silk, especially when appliqued with Kimono Silk Thread.

    The finished quilt measures 50 1/2" x 60 1/2", and this is an 18 month program, and begins on the 1st of the month following your reservation.

    2 Blocks Per Month
    This is an 9 month program, and the cost of the program is $184.38 per month plus shipping costs, plus the initial $54 reservation fee. This includes all of the hand woven silk matkas and hand dyed wools to complete the quilt, including binding.

    All at Once - Free US Shipping!
    We also have this available as an All at Once version. The cost is $1659.82 plus the initial reservation deposit. US Shipping is Free, and our International customers receive a 20% shipping discount.

    Coordinating Backing
    We also have Optional Backing (textured silk Matka) available. The cost is $143.00

    Pennies from Heaven Book
    You will need The Pennies from Heaven Book by Gretchen Gibbon (includes the necessary pattern)and it is sold separately here. This book has several additional projects for you as well. If you already have the book, then just select "No, I already have it". But, if you don't have it, please let us know.

    Kimono Silk Thread - Save up to $50!
    We also offer the Kimono 80 pack silk thread (recommended) - and if you reserve your 80 thread pack with the quilt reservation, you will save 10% on the 80 thread combo pack (normally $479.99, but for the preorder, just $429.99). If you prefer, we also offer a 20 thread Pennies Thread Pack for $119.88. This will have many of the colors in the quilt. Any thread reserved will ship with the first block. US Shipping costs for blocks is $5.75 per month

    Fun Facts about our BOM Programs
    •Should you be participating in more than one BOM with us, we will combine your orders to save you on shipping costs!
    •Also, please note - while we do accept Paypal for the Reservation Deposit, we will need a credit card on file for the duration of the program.
    •Shipping - we will ship insured, and if the blocks weight allow, it will be 1st class insured, otherwise Priority flat rate.
    •Reservation fees are part of the overall cost of the program and are non-refundable.
    •For optional items that you reserve, these will be charged and ship on the first month.
    •Finally, should you make a mistake on your block, and if we have the fabrics in stock, we will replace the fabric at no extra cost to you!

    Genre: Everyday
    Item Tags: Applique Quilts, Seasonal Quilts, Bed Quilts, Wall Hanging Quilts, Silk & Wool Quilt

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